Phoebus is an update of the Control System Studio toolset that removes dependencies on Eclipse RCP and SWT.


While Eclipse RCP kick-started the original CS-Studio implementation and served CS-Studio well for about a decade, depending on RCP also added limitations to the control system user interface development.

Goals of the Phoebus project:

  • Retain functionality of key CS-Studio tools, specifically the Display Builder, Data Browser, PV Table, PV Tree, Alarm UI, Scan UI, .. supporting their original configuration files with 100% compatibility.

  • Provide full control of window placement free from RCP restrictions, for example allowing us to save/restore panel layouts.

  • Use Java FX as the graphics library to overcome limitations of SWT.

  • Prefer core Java functionality over external libraries whenever possible: Java FX as already mentioned, SPI for locating extensions, java.util for logging and preferences. In the future, we may also use the module mechanism introduced in Java 9 for bundling.

  • Reduce build system complexity, fetching external dependencies in one initial step, then supporting a fully standalone, reproducible build process, allowing multiple build methods instead of being restricted to one.

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