Phoebus uses the following Java System properties to locate help files, saved state etc.

These system variables are typically set automatically as described below, but when necessary they can be set when starting the product.


Location where phoebus is installed. Has subdirectories lib/, doc/, and is used to locate the online help. Is automatically derived from the location of the framework JAR file.


Location where phoebus keeps the memento and preferences. Defaults to .phoebus in the user’s home directory.

Site-Specific Branding and Settings

The phoebus.install location is used for branding and site-specific settings.


At startup, Phoebus load preferences from this file if it is found in the install location. This allows packing site-specific settings into your product.


This image will replace the default splash screen background with a site-specific version. It should be sized 480x300.


This 64x64 sized image will replace the default window logo.