All phoebus code logs via the java.util.logging mechanism.

The default log settings for the phoebus product are based on the logging.properties file of the core-launcher module, which can be downloaded from https://github.com/ControlSystemStudio/phoebus/blob/master/core/launcher/src/main/resources/logging.properties. Services like the alarm server have a similar built-in log configuration file, for instance https://github.com/ControlSystemStudio/phoebus/blob/master/services/alarm-server/src/main/resources/alarm_server_logging.properties.

At runtime, the log settings of the product can be adjusted via the “Logging Configuration” application, which is most convenient for one-time changes. To adjust the log settings of the product more permanently, or to adjust the log settings of services which do not have a GUI, you can use a command line option to override the built-in logging properties. Create a copy of the file, adjust as desired, and pass it via the -logging /path/to/my_logging.properties command line option.

The default configuration sends log messages to the console, i.e. the terminal window from which the product was started. On Windows, there might not be a terminal, and on other systems, a launcher script might redirect the console output. The “Error Log” application allows viewing log messages in the product GUI.